Need to Set Up Steel Buildings Quickly? Make Sure to Insulate Them

Steel buildings are simple to set up when prefabricated, and they literally cover a lot of ground. You can use steelwork for anything from storage to temporary offices to creating a covered space for events. But no matter how quickly you need to get those steel buildings into shape, take the time to insulate them. You will extend the life of the metal and make the occupants a lot more comfortable — and, if you plan to use the building long-term, it will look better, too.

3 Reasons to Use a Vertical Steam Boiler

If you need to install a new industrial boiler, then a vertical option is worth consideration. While these boilers look different from conventional models, they do the same kind of job. What are the advantages of switching to a vertical boiler? 1. A Smaller Footprint Traditional industrial steam boilers have a horizontal configuration. They run across the ground. If you install this kind of boiler, then you need to find enough space for it to fit in safely.

3 Reasons to Use a CNC Plasma Table With Downward Draft Fume Controls

If you want to buy a new CNC plasma cutting machine, then you have to deal with some safety concerns. While your operators work more safely because they don't have to hold the plasma torch, the machine will produce some fumes and particulates. It's a good idea to buy CNC plasma equipment that comes with a fume control system. While water tables collect emissions and debris as they fall, a downward draft control system is often a better option.

The Many Benefits Of A Water Tank

There is no doubt that most people would agree Australia has a very harsh environment and one that is mostly defined by its heat and aridity. While cities close to the coast might have the hallmarks of a more lush climate, they still go through the same summers that cause droughts amongst much of the country. Therefore it is crucial to be able to conserve every ounce of water that you can get your hands on, and even more so as the globe begins to feel the effects of global warming.

Temperature Measurements of Stainless Steel During Fabrication

Stainless steel presents special challenges to fabricators. For instance, welders must ensure that the stainless steel does not exceed the recommended temperature range, or else the material may develop defects, such as brittleness. This article discusses some of the options that welders can use to monitor the temperature of stainless steel as they weld it. Temperature sticks Temperature indicator sticks are devices that look like pens or crayons. A fabricator uses them to make a mark on the material whose temperature needs to be monitored.